Resource Hacker

Resource Hacker is a useful application which can modify and save media resources from .exe files, DLLs, and other formats. With this program you can extract icons, cursors and pictures, replace text in the menus, an also play internal audio tracks. Portable version can be installed on a USB flash drives.
Resource Hacker also has the ability to save icon files, images and binaries. If necessary, you can change text in the menu or replace icon of almost any program. While program has a GUI interface, it also can be used from a command-line. If you know worthy alternatives for resource extraction - write them in comments, and also share your opinion on Resource Hacker.
Sys Requirements: Windows XP - Windows 10   Version: 5.1.6   Size: 4.27 MB  Price: Freeware   64 bit version: No  Developer: Angus Johnson