How to kill virus without anti-virus software

Viruses are the same applications as other programs, but instead of a useful actions, they harm system. Since virus is a program, it can be found in the list of running processes on the computer. Windows Task Manager does not allow user to see all the currently running programs – special applications are needed for such situations, like Anvir or Security Task Manager. They can show every process in the system including hidden ones.
So, what do you need to find virus among active processes?
1   Download and install portable versions of Anvir and Security Task Manager. It is better to have both and rename the executable file of the program, as some "advanced" viruses have learned to disable them by filename.
2   Run the application, for example, we will take Anvir.
3   Now we can see a list of all running programs on the computer.
4   What do we have to do is to learn which of the running processes belong to system and ordinary programs, and which one is a virus.
Both Anvir and Security Task Manager allow user to search for process information over the Internet and display the rating of its risk. After finding a virus, you can deactivate it and add the executable file to quarantine.
You'll have to work hard and remember the names of all system and harmless programs. That's the way you can find and neutralize virus on your computer without antivirus software. Of course not all viruses can be removed this way. The most advanced are able to disguise themselves as system processes and have clones, which ensure that if one of the processes of the virus is deactivated - start the other one, working "in conjunction". It will be hard to remove such viruses, but in case of a simple ones, you can easily clean your computer from malware and viruses with advanced task managers.