#8 Clipboard Manager

Comfort Clipboard Pro is an advanced handy clipboard manager supporting a lot of data formats such as links, text files, pictures, and much more. The program can display additional information on saved fragments, add them to favorites and change appearance with skins. Application settings have plenty of options, including customizable program window transparency.
There are a lot of similar managers available, but Comfort appears to be the best one due to its settings flexibility and ease of use. You can download the latest shareware version from the program's official site and a "free" 7.5 version from file sharing services, which doesn't have a lot of differences comparing to the latest one. Suggest other clipboard managers you like in comments, and share your opinion on Comfort Clipboard.
System Requirements: Windows XP - Windows 10   Version: 7.5   Size: 5.26 MB  Price: 19.95 USD   64 bit version: No  Developer: Comfort Software