What's the difference between Chrome and Chromium?

Once, I got interested in the question what's the difference between these two products, and even after watching an interview with a Google staff member, I did not understand the essence. Eventually I found the answer, which was quite simple: Google develops 2 browsers - Chrome, which is a closed project, and open source Chromium. In fact, Chromium is the "engine" for Chrome. First, a new version of Chromium is being built, and after that Google adds some functions to it and releases a browser named Chrome.
What does Google add to Chromium to make it Chrome?
1   PDF Viewer Plugin.
2   Flash and AAC support.
3   Other codecs for audio and video playback.
4   Various additional settings.
5   Ability to update browser from the menu.
6   Spyware to collect usage statistics.
Google itself certainly does not call it spyware, but "gathering information to improve browser"...
So, Chrome is the same Chromium browser "from the inside" but with some stuff added by Google - plugins, functions and modules. Chromium can be used separately, but sometimes you can get problems with multimedia content playback. Therefore, it is better to install browser builds on its base, with all the necessary functions and without Google additions, for example - Cent Browser or SlimJet.