Blue screen - how to fix BSOD error

The BSOD blue screen appears when Windows encounters critical error, system can not function properly and reboots. If such error appears on a regular basis, you can fix it using a special program. In this article we will explain what can be done in such situations.
First, you need to download program bluescreenview, which will help understand the essence of the problem. Application is completely free and does not require installation. After downloading, it can be launched by simply clicking on executable file. The main program window will appear, divided in two sections. The upper one contains files with errors, and the detailed information on each failure is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
1   Select a dump file in the upper part of the program window.
2   Look at the red lines in the pane with detailed information.
Main program window bluescreenview
These are the files which caused an error and blue screen. All you have to do - is to understand which program or system component they belong to. Just search their name over the Internet. In our case, the failure was caused by several files, one of which is dxgkrnl.sys. After searching for the information on it, you can find out that it belongs to DirectX program. You can also guess that from the first two letters in its name.
File name which caused an error
So, now we understand that the problem is in DirectX. To resolve the issue, you should update or reinstall this program. You can fix problems with other drivers and system components the same way - find out which file causes the blue screen and take the appropriate action - in most cases such failures cause device drivers which need to be reinstalled.