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How to customize Windows 10 start menu to make it comfortable

At a first glance on the new Windows 10 start menu, it seems to be very awkward with a lot of unneeded staff. However, after giving it some more thought, it appears that you can configure it so, that it will be even more comfortable than the old one. How should the perfect start menu look like? - When user opens it, he should get the fastest access to any program on the computer, and new...

How to kill virus without anti-virus software

Virus is the same program as other applications, but instead of doing useful things, it harms system. So, if it's a program, we can find it in the running processes of the computer. Built-in Task Manager does not allow us to do it – we will need special applications, such as Anvir or Security Task Manager. They show all the running processes on the system, including hidden ones. So, what do we need...

What's the difference between Chrome and Chromium? - clear explanation

Once, I got interested in the question what's the difference between these two products, and even after watching an interview with a Google staff member, I did not understand the essence of the difference. Eventually I found the answer which was quite simple: Google develops 2 browsers - Chrome, which is a closed project, and open source Chromium. In fact, Chromium is the "engine" for Chrome...

Blue screen - how to fix BSOD error

The BSOD blue screen appears when Windows encounters critical error, system can not function properly and reboots. If such error appears on a regular basis, you can fix it using a special program. In this article we will explain what can be done in such situations. First, you need to download program...