Aqua Dock

Aqua Dock is a free launcher for Windows with Mac OS X style - dock icons increase in size on mouse hover. You can place programs on the panel with simple shortcut drag-and-drop, and the same way remove unnecessary items from the dock. The settings of the application are quite simple, but there is everything you may need for comfortable usage.
An interesting feature of the program is that the dock can hide while working in applications and appear when user switches to desktop. An alternative quick launch panel is a well-known RocketDock with a lot of settings and plugins, but it can't work in "appear only on desktop" mode which is quite useful. If you know any similar quick launch bar applications - suggest them in comments.
System Requirements: Windows XP - Windows 10   Version: 1.0   Size: 0.73 MB  Price: Freeware   64 bit version: No  Developer: Unknown